Weddings in Italy, Unforgettable for the Right Reasons or the Wrong Ones

More and more people are choosing to get married abroad and Italy is one of the most popular destinations due to its rich history, culture and romance. However, it is also a very bureaucratic country and if you are not careful there are many pitfalls along the way that could jeopardize or even ruin your wedding day.

Getting married abroad is generally cheaper than having your wedding in your own country as fewer guests will come and those that do are more likely to pay for themselves. The couple usually has much more control over what they want as the parents are less involved with weddings abroad. Destination weddings are usually much more entertaining as guests enter into the spirit of the adventure and are more relaxed as it is also a holiday for them.

Italy’s main attraction is to young couples who want to get married somewhere romantic and exciting, Tuscany is a very popular choice for the great wines, olive trees, cypresses, sunflower fields, rolling hills and of course the food. There are also a host of interesting places to visit including Florence, Siena, Montepulciano, Cortona, Pienza and Certaldo.

The Amalfi coast is another location that is highly requested; the dramatic cliffs and mountainous backdrop to the sea are inspiring and romantic. The towns here have long been frequented by the nobility of Europe and offer a great level of service.

If you are looking for good weather then generally between May and September the weather is fairly good, the months of June, July and August can be very hot with temperatures exceeding 35C degrees. The spring months of April and May are cooler but the countryside is at its greenest with wild poppies and other fresh flowers. For those who are not looking for a summer wedding the winter months in Italy can be quite mild particularly in the southern areas due to the Mediterranean climate, further north the temperatures can drop quite low though.

Plan your wedding in Italy in advance don’t try and do it last minute. Italy is a very bureaucratic country and depending on your situation the paperwork can be very time consuming. About 9 months in advance is a good time frame. The requirements can vary from one area to another. Larger towns will know the procedures better but may be very busy and therefore difficult to work with; if you choose a location that is too remote you may find that they do not know the correct procedures to follow. Don’t assume that people will speak your language; you will find it extremely difficult to organize the event if you can’t speak Italian. Some officials in the government offices may speak a little English but it is unlikely that suppliers such as florists, musicians, caterers and hairdressers will speak English.

The organization of your dream day should be an exciting and exhilarating hassle free process, culminating in a successful wedding in Italy that is a romantic sumptuous celebration of love. Don’t let it turn into a stressful, anxiety filled period with months of uncertainty and worry, ending in a wedding day that you did not enjoy as you were too tired or worn out, or even worse a wedding day without a wedding…

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