Personal Client Area

As well as the usual aspects of organising a wedding we also use the internet to help with the process. We post the details of the wedding under a special client area, information such as the time, location, maps, instructions on how to get there, accommodation details, guest lists and so on.

As most people will be arriving from abroad we have found this a very useful way of keeping people informed and supplying them with the information they need.

After the wedding we can put the best wedding photos on the internet* so that people can order their own copies, this photo gallery is also nice for the people who were unable to attend your special day as they can browse the photos very quickly after the event rather than having to wait months before seeing the wedding album.

Each of our clients is provided with login details for a personalised wedding area which has the following features:

  • Client Editable welcome page. You can post your own messages.
  • Description of wedding venue
  • Photo gallery of wedding venue
  • Reservation system makes managing guest accommodations easy **
  • Travel advice and useful information
  • Keep track of weather conditions
  • Guestbook for your friends and family to leave you messages

The Personalised Client Area is a great tool for helping you to organise your wedding in Italy. Yes we will do almost all of the hard work for you but you do need to do somethings. After all, your friends and family are going to be so curious about this exciting experience that they will be just dying for some information on where, when, how and why etc! So we have designed a special unique client area in order to make this task easier for you.

The client are will help you to:

  • Quickly inform your guests of the wedding location
  • Give them directions and travel advice
  • Let them see pictures of where they are going
  • Allow them to choose their accommodation
  • Keep an eye on the weather conditions leading up to the wedding
  • Your guests can leave you messages
  • You can keep track of bookings. See who has booked what accommodation and for how long they are coming
  • After the wedding we can post a selection of the wedding photos in the client area*


Just another reason to choose Italian Wedding Planners! 


* Posting the wedding photos in the client area is an extra service that may be purchased by the clients.

** The wedding planner may choose as to whether the reservation system is appropriate for your particular wedding