Italian Wedding Photography

The style of photography is essentially a photo-journalistic approach coupled with a small amount of classic portrait photography.

The most part of the wedding is shot in a casual manner, you will hardly be aware that there is a photographer at work. The wedding will proceed and the emotions and events will be captured in a very unobtrusive manner that allows the natural expressions of the bride and groom and friends and family to emerge.

When it is time for the important family and group shots we always have fun and obtain these in a swift and entertaining way that allows people to enjoy themselves without having to pose for a photographer all day long. Whilst your guests are commencing the reception and having their first glass of prosecco and a canapé we will take you to a location to do some casual shots in typical surroundings, after all you have come to Italy where there are so many beautiful monuments, dramatic sceneries and charming characteristics it would be a shame not to use them to our advantage.

We use digital in order to give the client more choice and ultimately flexibility. The quality is exceptional and it allows for freedom of expression; you can easily choose colour, black and white or sepia, you can crop and adjust and retouch the images as much as you want. During the editing period we look at every picture and edit and retouch them individually, this is a time consuming process that any professional photographer should do as part of their work.

You own the pictures and will receive all of them on a DVD, you can choose to reprint as many times as you please without paying the photographer for reprints.

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