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Italian Wedding Planners is a team of professional wedding planners with minimum 2 to 5 years’
experience in coordinating stress-free dream weddings, thanks to a deep knowledge of multi cultural
traditions and requirements and a trusted network of high-level and certified suppliers.
We help from the very beginning stages of venue research to the most minute day-of details.



Wedding Planner

Ciao! I’m Michelle, and I was one of the first planners to join the IWP team. Raised by a German mother and an Italian father, my personality perfectly reflects those contrasting origins: precise and organized, yet still creative and perceptive.
I began my career working fashion events before coming over to the wedding world, and I appreciate that every day is different and exciting. I have a knack for transforming simple ideas into unique, inimitable designs and love creativing special weddings for special couples.
I’m a very positive person and I find solutions to every challenge I encounter. My mantra is “nothing is impossible,” and I thrive on bringing a couple’s wedding vision to life. I’m a big believer in women’s power, and I love getting to work alongside brides and my female colleagues.
I live in Florence with my partner, Sergio, and our baby, Sophie. I enjoy traveling, good food, sunsets and experiencing all of the beauty that life has to offer.


Wedding Planner

Hi! My name is Elisa, and being a destination wedding planner in Italy is not only a job for me, but also a major passion and source of deep dedication. For me, a well-planned wedding is a matter of well-executed details. Not just in terms of style, but also in the planning process itself.

I aim to create unforgettable weddings for couples and their guests, while also keeping everything comfortable and relaxed for the bride and groom. I succeed in this via my driven work ethic, keen eye and friendly communication. By the time your Italian wedding arrives, you’ll be care-free and ready to enjoy every moment of your special time. I will handle the rest!

My life motto is “Love what you do, do what you love!” I feel lucky to live that motto every day as a wedding planner creating beautiful experiences for couples in love.


Wedding Planner

I dreamed of becoming a wedding planner ever since I was a little girl in Naples, so yes, I enjoy every minute of my job! My passion and dedication are evident in my events, which are always highly reflective of my couples.

I prioritize the bride and groom, giving them all the advice and guidance they need to create a tailor-made wedding that suits their style. I have endless energy and am always active and present. I enjoy problem-solving, and I have the innate ability to find the bright side in any situation. Above all, I fall in love with every new project I take on.

Before starting work as a wedding planner three years ago, I traveled the world to learn more about foreign languages and cultures. I’m now back in Italy, where I live with the love of my life and our puppy, Tequila.


Wedding Planner

My name is Linda Gatto, and I have been a destination wedding planner for more than 15 years, since I started organizing destination weddings and events on the Amalfi Coast in 2003.

I have always loved to travel since I was a child, and, thanks to my parents, I have had the opportunity to travel all over the world. This gave me the chance to get to know different cultures, and it also helped me to better enjoy and appreciate the Italian warmth and traditions.

When I was 18, I went to Miami to attend university. Two years later, I moved to Siena to study Economics and received a degree in business administration.

Destination wedding planning came to me by chance – my mother’s company planned events for Italians, and she wanted to start planning weddings for international couples as well. She asked me to work with her company, and I started attending floral and wedding planning classes in the United States to improve my skills.

I am very patient, meticulous and focused on details. I have a keen eye for beautiful things; for design and aesthetic. I have gentle manners, a very calm and reassuring demeanor, and I love to make the planning process as easy as possible for my couples.


Wedding Planner

In spite of working fantastic jobs in event organization and sales development for Estee Lauder and clients like Fiat, I felt something was missing. My deepest dream was to create and execute unique events for couples in love, and so I switched gears, studying wedding planning and floral and table design.
Now, 10 years later, I’ve orchestrated more than 250 weddings throughout Tuscany, Emilia Romagna, Milan, the lakes region and the Alps. My work has garnered an excellent reputation, and I’ve been honored to plan events for celebrities, royalty and luxury resorts.
My floral and table design studies have given me a leg up when creating breathtaking events and have earned me “Best Staging” awards.
In 2016 I moved to Florence, where I’m constantly inspired by the city’s rich culture, history and beauty. Every corner of Florence sparks inspiration for amazing weddings.


Wedding Planner

Ciao, my name is Alessandra! I was born and raised in Italy, and it was in Florence that I immersed myself in the events industry and discovered my love for wedding and event planning.

After training across the globe in Mexico, London, Barcelona, Madrid and Miami, I developed my eye for detail and ability to view things from different perspectives. Because of all these experiences, I’ve built a reputation for organizing world-class events from global clients who appreciate my professionalism and ability to think outside the box.

Blessed with learning from the very best, I am an enthusiastic event planner. I work hard for my clients, while always keeping a bright, shining smile on my face. I believe in the magic of the moment, and after years of experience, I am still stretching myself to learn, grow and become even better at what I do.

I am multi-lingual, speaking Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese and some French, which helps me communicate with and understand my international clients. Because of my vast experience, I am capable of planning everything from an intimate party for two to an elaborate bash for thousands. No matter the number of guests, I am always thrilled at the potential to create personal and memorable events.


Wedding Planner

My name is Ester and I was born in Naples during the summer of 1982. I lived in tree different Italian cities until I was 9, then I always lived in Napoli. That’s why I can simulate at least five different Italian accents. I Graduated in Marine Biology but deep in my soul I felt to have an artistic talent, that starts thanks to my experience as a television journalist, I abandoned the career of a biologist at 23 years to devote me to what most represented me.

As a television correspondent, I’ve travelled in more than 30 countries, filling my luggage with traditions and customs from every part of the globe, as well as improving my relationship with foreign languages. As a young woman, I entered the world of events thanks to the relation with my first employer. Through him I was catapulted into this beautiful world and I was fascinated by it, so much that I dreamed of it as my life’s work.

After few years, having created a dense network of contacts put on using my personality, my creativity and positive approach, I started to move my first steps in the weddings world becoming in few years a well-known Italian wedding planners.
I can create for you, authentic and highly personalized events. My style is characterized by simplicity, elegance, sophistication and innovation, but also by the empathy, trust and harmony that I love to create with my couple!


Wedding Planner

Hi! My name is Vanessa, and I have always loved the outdoors and art. I enjoy getting to blend those two loves as a wedding planner. I am constantly searching for new inspiration and ideas to take back to my couples, and I have a special flair for discovering wonderful venues, wine, food and music. I very much enjoy incorporating local touches into weddings in authentic and unique ways.
Friendly and attentive, I take a very hands-on approach with my clients, accompanying them each step of the way during the wedding planning journey. I try to be a valuable resource to them on everything from the best venues to the most reliable vendors.
Living la bella vita is my way of life (and motto for wedding planning!). I live in Tuscany, where the picturesque landscapes are a constant source of inspiration.

Roberta B.

Wedding Planner


I'm Roberta, and I grew up between the English countryside and Italy. After my degree in Art History, I decided to combine my talent in organising art shows with my passion for weddings.
For the past ten years, my mission has been to organise charming weddings with love, attention, dedication. Make brides' wedding dream come true is my greatest desire
I love taking inspiration from Haute Couture and Art, from French architecture and the tearooms of the past.
I can reach my brides wherever they are, giving them help and support whenever they need it.


Wedding Planner

Hello, my name is Anna, I am Neapolitan by birth and Roman by adoption.
My career in the event business started from the world of cinema, where I collaborated with directors and producers of national and international fame.
What I do best in life is taking care of people, fulfilling their wishes and making them happy! Hence the passion for weddings and for what has turned to be my job.
I have a particular predisposition for beautiful things, an obsession with details, and I work with dedication to offer unique events, perfectly sewed to the future spouses and which have the taste of ever lasting memories.
My goal is to give my brides the peace of mind to be able to realize the marriage of their dreams with a personalized touch and an expert figure, who can advise them during the whole organization, from the first meeting to the moment they say: “I do”.
I like to work hand in hand with my couples: after a first call, I want to meet them both to get to know them, hear their passions, expectations, fears and how they imagine their Day.
Together we establish a calendar and we build the bases of the wedding. As time goes by, we get into details by deciding every aspect of the event, always considering their tastes. Everything needs to be at its place and I am here to guide, inspire and create a smooth personalized event.
On the wedding day the bride and groom will only have to enjoy. I will take care of everything else together with my expert team.
My couples are not just clients for me, they are important people: I want to make them happy and I would like them to choose ME in order to obtain the best experience ever.
In 2016 I published my first novel that takes inspiration from the backgrounds of wedding planning built up during my whole working experience.

Veronica G.

Wedding Planner

Ciao! I’m Veronica, and I’ve been working since 2007 in the events industry.
After many years of experience with corporate events for important multinational enterprises, in 2016 I started my journey as wedding planner.

I planned and designed weddings all over northern Italy for beautiful and creative couples. I love to plan intimate weddings in wonderful and not conventional venues. I work on the Italian Alps, on the Garda Lake, in Verona and Padua, in Venice, in the eclectic Milan, and its surroundings.
I’m very organised and precise. I’m curious, reserved, very realistic and concrete, but I’m also the kind of person that can stare at the clouds while my mind is designing and brainstorming.
I am not romantic in the classic way, but you will always find me crying at all my weddings.
My couples often say that I “make their dreams come true”, but the truth is that I just make wonderful ideas become real.
My motto is: you just need to think about joy, laughs and love. I will take care of anything else.

Sara S.

Wedding Planner

Ciao! 🙂 My name is Sara and i was born in Venice 30 years ago, with clear ideas about what I wanted to do in life: organize weddings and events. Through years, everything towards which I felt attraction led me to identify the work of event planner as the one of my dreams: literature, art, travel, fashion and especially music have been the crumbs that marked my path to become the person I am now. The three characteristics that most distinguish me are dynamism, practicality and determination. But I'm also a control freak, even if i always put a big dose of heart into everything I do. I deeply love my job and every event always leaves me something special. The comparison with different people and cultures is very important for me, as I believe it’s fundamental to grow and open my mind. For this reason I can give my best if I am part of a team, collaborating with different people for the same purpose.


Wedding Planner

Ciao! My name is Dashiell. I come from a Filipino family in southern Italy, but we moved to Tuscany when I was young, and I’ve been here ever since, living and working in Florence and Siena. I started my professional career in the hotel industry as an event coordinator, where organizing meetings and events made me realize that I have a passion and talent for weddings. The couples that I have assisted appreciate my attention to detail, ability to listen and knack for executing their vision. My mission is to do my best to make your day special and memorable!

My experience and education have given me the opportunity to worth and collaborate with the region’s top wedding professionals, and I tap into that wide network of relationships to design and coordinate my couples’ dream weddings.

For my own wedding, I relied on a trusted planner who made our dream come true. That’s exactly what a wedding planner does - ensure that everything goes perfectly smooth until the finish line, and that’s what I give to my couples.

Alessia R.

Wedding Planner

Hi, I’m Alessia,
I used to travel since I was a child, always being inspired by different cultures and surprised by natural beauty and aestethics.-In all my life experience (which is not very long since I'm only 36), I’ve been looking for the authentic beauty in every aspect, like history, architecture, nature, art, tradition, food and wine... for me a dish of ``pasta alla Norma`` with a good glass of wine and good friends, is one of the beautiful things that life can give us, and if you add the sea or the country side is just perfection. My passion for detail, my meticulous precision and my spirit naturally devoted to the organization, have brought me exactly where I am. I came back to Sicily with a precise objective: to give value to my homeland by doing what I’am best at–celebrating the Love, like mine for her, Sicily

Sabrina G.

Wedding Planner

My name is Sabrina, I am Milanese by birth and because of my family, I have always had a diverse, international world outlook. My parents were great travelers and shared with me their joy of exploring new places.

I was lucky enough to start my career in the international luxury event industry after the University degree in Economics and Management at the “Università del Sacro Cuore” of Milan.

During the last 5 years I have built international relationship with the most stylish International World designers, providing my couples with exclusive made to measures experiences all over the world.
JLM Couture (Lazaro, Hayley Paige, Allison Webb), Berta Bridals, Yolan Cris, David Fielden London, Flora Bridal are just few of the brands we could offer this experience with.

I am an experienced planner, designer and coordinator: 12 years in the wedding industry and more than 20 years in the luxury & travel events field has made me a Destination Wedding Expert and a Wedding Specialist.

I am well organized, precise, I have a good ability to listen and I give great attention to details, these skills together, makes my work much easier, when it comes to realize my customer’s vision.

I love to travel for work and to reach my customers wherever is needed. I love Italy and during the last years I have focused a lot on discover hidden gems that can provide an authentic Italian experience to my couples.
I find inspirations in Nature and Arts for my wedding projects. I truly believe that “Beauty” has a natural extraordinary aesthetic effect on people and on the atmosphere of an event.

My positive mindset helps me to overcome my professional challenges discovering, daily, how unique life is.


Wedding Planner

Buongiorno! My name is Chiara, and I am a wedding planner specializing in the Piemonte region of Italy. I am head-over-heels in love with my territory, and that passion is reflected in all of the events I orchestrate, from sophisticated lakeside weddings to charming vineyard vows to picturesque mountain receptions to elegant Torino affairs.

I first discovered my love for the wedding industry when organizing events for hotels. Combining my passion for organization with art, romance and creativity has brought me immense joy. Even after 10 years of working as a wedding planner, I still get excited about every new event.

My years of experience have helped me refine my ability to create weddings that perfectly capture my clients’ desires, and seeing their satisfied smiles is my greatest reward. I am always striving to give my best to my clients.
In my free time I enjoy traveling, cooking, trying out new restaurants and spending time with my two children.


Wedding Planner

Ciao! I’ve always had a passion for sparkles, glitter and lace, so it was only natural that I fell in love with the wedding industry!

In 2009 I started working as a wedding photographer and shot more than 200 weddings, but as time passed, I realized that what I really wanted to do was help couples realize their dream weddings, and so I became a wedding planner.

After seeing so many weddings through my camera lens, I know how to create those picture-perfect moments. I’m also good at understanding people and their needs, and I take great pride in making sure my couples feel well cared for.

Having grown up in a multilingual family and traveled all over the world, I have a fondness for differences. I’m very interested in learning about other cultures, and I believe that everyone has something special to offer.

I live with my husband and cat, Demetra (the true boss of the family), and consider every occasion a good occasion to open a bottle of wine with friends.

Roberta Cavaliere


Wedding Planner

My name is Roberta and I am a destination wedding planner in love with love and beauty.
In everything I do I believe in authenticity. I look for authenticity in ties and feelings, which I
transform into something simple, concrete and nice.
I organize weddings that represent people and their love stories, in the most beautiful places in
Italy. Organizing weddings is the best expression of me. It is what encompasses all my beliefs
and gives a unique meaning to my life.
My eyes shine when I see people happy and helping those in their need makes me feel good.
I love organizing weddings for lovers who embrace simple beauty and authenticity.
I love organizing weddings that make people happy.
I am based in Turin, Italy.
I have a master degree in Business Administration.
I organize weddings since 2015.
I love to feel free and not tied to any form of conventionality.

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